English speaking dentist Lodz

English speaking dentist Lodz Biniek Clinic

english speaking dentist lodz

Dentist in Lodz speaking English -Biniek Clinic

As Lodz is getting more and more international and it hosts more foreigners  Biniek Clinic receives  more questions  about dentistry  services in English.  We can proudly announce that all our dentist speak English and will assist you during the procedures with detailed explanations. Our stuff can make the appointment by phone +488883300320. You can also book the appointment online on our website :  ( at this moment only in polish but we are working on this matter ????)

Our goal is to offer dentistry services in comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.


Biniek Clinic offer :


  1. Emergency dentistry  -  we will assist you in every emergency.
  2. Endodontics – root canal  treatment  with use od Microscope for better accuracy
  3. Conservative treatment
  4. Teeth whitening –  High-efficient whitening with lamp
  5. Cosmetic dentistry – Smile makeover,  corrections of smile, veneers
  6.  Dental surgery- extraction of teeth’s


We will help you with:


  1. Broken teeth
  2. Lost tooth
  3. Swelling or acute infection
  4. Tooth ache due to cavity, decay or abscess.
  5. Wisdom teeth problems
  6. Gum disease or bleeding gums
  7. Problems due to ongoing treatments.
  8. Loss crown, bridge or veneer


Biniek Clinic is a clinic with English speaking  dentist in Lodz. Should you need any further help do not hesitate to contact us at recepcja@biniekclinic.pl



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